Prajakatta Mulay

Prajakatta Mulay

Prajakatta Mulay obtained her Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in Dyestuff Technology from Institute of Chemical Technology (then affiliated to the University of Mumbai), India in May 2012. She then worked as a Project Assistant at the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India in the department of Chemical Engineering and Project Development (CEPD). Prajakatta obtained her Master of Science (Thesis) degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Akron in May 2015. She joined Dr. Puskas’s research group in May 2015 as a full time PhD student.

Her research interests dwell in organic synthesis and process development specifically for targeted drug delivery in cancer research.


C.P. Leamon, J.A. Reddy / Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 56 (2004) 1127 – 1141

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