Preparation of Surgical Meshes from SIBS using Self-Regulating Technology

Sep. 29, 2023

We have successfully developed a self-regulating manufacturing method that could be used to produce surgical meshes from SIBS. Our concept is based on parallel reaction and diffusion, demonstrated by the first video linked below. Even if the initial conditions are irregular, self-assembly leads to regular patterns, as shown in the second video linked below.

SIBS can be used as a polymer for the self-regulating manufacturing of surgical meshes. The self-regulating nature of the precipitation of SIBS is due to the parallel reaction and diffusion graphically represented by the SIBS Parallel Reaction Video below. The SIBS Self-Regulating video demonstrates how the self-regulating procedure leads to regular (sinusoidal, to be more precise) patterns.

SIBS Parallel Reaction Video

SIBS Self-Regulating