1. Solar eclipse in Ohio

    Apr 10, 2024

    We had the opportunity to observe a once-in-a-lifetime event in Ohio. There was a total solar eclipse on the 8th of April, 2024.

  2. Happy Birthday Aswathy!

    Apr 2, 2024

    Celebrating our colleagues’ birthdays is a tradition in the Puskas Lab. Today, we commemorated Aswathy’s birthday with a chocolate cake.

  3. ACS Rubber Division 2024 Science & Technology Award Winners

    Mar 14, 2024

    The Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society has disclosed the list of the 2024 Science & Technology Award Winners. Professor Katrina Cornish, a long-time collaborator of the Puskas Group, has been announced as the recipient of the Charles Goodyear Medal this year. Congratulations!

  4. Videos of the Cornish Lab

    Mar 8, 2024

    Professor Cornish kindly allowed us to post her videos on the website of the Puskas Lab. The categorized videos are linked below.



    2018 OSU 3 Minute Thesis: Durability of Eggshell and Silica Filled Guayule Natural Rubber Composites (Speaker: Tony Xianjie Ren)

  5. Celebration of Nations

    Feb 28, 2024

    On the 28th of October, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion organized the 13th Annual Celebration of Nations event on the Wooster Campus. All members of the Puskas Group attended and enjoyed the event.

  6. Committee meeting

    Feb 26, 2024

    Our colleague, Aswathy Sasiharan Pillai, successfully presented her research topics during the last Grad School Committee meeting. We would like to congratulate her on the outstanding presentation!

  7. Welcome Malwina and Konrad!

    Feb 11, 2024

    Malwina Niedźwiedź is seconded to the Ohio State University as part of the Green-Map Project, focusing on novel green polymeric materials for medical packaging and disposables to enhance hospital sustainability. Currently, she is working on her PhD at West Pomeranian University in Szczecin. Her research targets the production and characterization of photocurable biomaterials for medical applications.

  8. 3D visualization of entropic elasticity on the molecular level

    Jan 26, 2024

    Our research group have developed a software in MATLAB that calculates possible conformations of the random coil. By using our purpose-specific software, we can also simulate the entropic elasticity on the molecular level. The conformation change during deformation is presented in the video linked below.

    3D visualization of conformation change

  9. Production of DSC sample holders

    Jan 18, 2024

    We have designed a device that enables the production of DSC sample holder pans from simple aluminum sheets of 50 μm thickness. The process of deep drawing is graphically represented by the CAD animation linked below.

     Manufacturing of DSC sample holders

  10. Welcome Laszlo Varga!

    Jan 12, 2024

    Laszlo Varga is seconded to the Ohio State University in the framework of the Green-Map Project (Novel Green Polymeric Materials for Medical Packaging and Disposables to Improve Hospital Sustainability). His sending institute is the Department of Polymer Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where he is currently working on his Ph.D. thesis. Here at the Ohio State University, Laszlo will participate in activities related to the degradation of biopolymers.