The Puskas Group has moved to the Ohio State University! Professor Puskas will be leading the biomaterial and biopolymer engineering program at the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE). The program will be losely related to Ohio State’s Discovery Themes Initiative (www.discovery.osu.edu) and Sustainable and Resilient Economy (SRE) program (www.discovery.osu/SRE) and plans to make global impact. The group will be part of the Materials Development Working Group of the Sustainable and Resilient Economy Discovery Theme.(Web:
si.osu.edu; Social media: @OhioStSustain).

Focus areas:
  • Natural Rubber Biosynthesis

  • Biomimetic Polymerizations, Natural Living Carbocationic Polymerization, Model Architectures for Natural Rubber

  • Green(er) Biomaterials, Polyisobutylene (PIB)-based Biomaterials, Enzyme-catalyzed Polymer Functionalization, PEG, Solventless (liquid PDMS, PIB), Surface Modification, Probing the Polymer/Bio Interface, Green dendrimers for drug delivery

  • Greener Living/controlled polymerizations, Controlled lniMer-type Polymerizations, CIMP Controlled Garbocationic IM Polymerization, CRIMP Controlled Radical I M Polymerization, Model architectures

  • Integration of Polymer-based Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment with Breast Reconstruction.


  1. Celebration of Nations

    Feb 28, 2024

    On the 28th of October, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion organized the 13th Annual Celebration of Nations event on the Wooster Campus. All members of the Puskas Group attended and enjoyed the event.

  2. Committee meeting

    Feb 26, 2024

    Our colleague, Aswathy Sasiharan Pillai, successfully presented her research topics during the last Grad School Committee meeting. We would like to congratulate her on the outstanding presentation!

  3. Welcome Malwina and Konrad!

    Feb 11, 2024

    Malwina Niedźwiedź is seconded to the Ohio State University as part of the Green-Map Project, focusing on novel green polymeric materials for medical packaging and disposables to enhance hospital sustainability. Currently, she is working on her PhD at West Pomeranian University in Szczecin. Her research targets the production and characterization of photocurable biomaterials for medical applications.