2018 Polymer Engineering (UG)
2017 Polymer Engineering (UG); Advanced Rubber Technology (G)
2016 Process Design II (UG); Introduction to Bio-based Polymers (G); Advanced Rubber technology (G)
2015 Proces Design II (UG); Introduction to Bio-based Polymers (G)
2014 Process Design II (UG);Advanced Rubber Technology (G); Developing 2 on-line courses
2011-2013 Process Design II (UG); Green Polymer Science (UG/G)
2010 Introduction into Elastomers (UG); Carbocationic Polymerization (G)
2009 Informal Seminar I and II; 602 Synthesis and Chemical Behaviour of Polymers; Green Polymer Chemistry (new)
2008 Elastomer Technology; Informal Seminar I and II; 601 Polymer Concepts; Carbocationic Polymerization
2007 602 Synthesis and Chemical Behvious of Polymers 
2006 Carbocationic Polymerizations (new graduate course); Informal Seminar I and II; 601 Polymer Concepts
2004 Polymer Concepts; Copolymerization; Ring-opening Polymerizations; Polymers for Biomedical Applications.


1996-2003 E.S. 216 a/b Industrical Organic Process
2000-2003 C.B.E. 392b Polymer Engineering (new course)
1996-2003 C.B.E. 497 a/b Chemical Process and Plant Design

1997-2003 E.S. 637 b Macromolecular Reaction Engineering (graduate course)

2014 Polymers in Medicine (Nanotechnology, bachelor course) Elements of biotechnology (Chemical technology, master course) Investigation methods of bio- and nanomaterials (Nanotechnology, bachelor course) Nanoparticles, dispersions and gels (Nanotechnology, bachelor course) Technical University of Szczecin, Poland
2011 Rubber Technology, Sapientia University, Romania
2005-2008 Chemistry and Physics of Elastomers, Akron Polymer Training Center
2002-present Elastomer/Rubber technology (graduate course), University of Bayreuth, Germany
1993-present Management Training, MBTI workshops
1998 The Engineering Personality, (student workshops), 48 th CSChE Conference, London, Ontario
1997 The Engineering Personality: Breaking the Mould, PEO WEAC Meeting
1995-1996 Polymerization Kinetics, Bayer internal technician training
1995 Practical Application of Reaction Kinetics in Rubber Manufacturing, – 3 day intensive course offered at the Rubber Division Meeting of the American Chemical Society